Visualization (VIOLIN.visualize_violin)

VIOLIN’s visualization function creates a visual summary of the VIOLIN output, incuding total score, evidence score, and match score distributions.

The visualization function includes a filtering option, which can help the user make choices on how to use the VIOLIN output. Visualization can be filtered by three possible metrics:

  1. “%x” : Returns the top X% of LEEs, by Total Score

  2. “Se>y” : Returns all LEEs with an Evidence Score greater than Y

  3. “St>z” : Returns all LEEs with a Total Score grater than Z

  • When visualizing the total output, this function shows the score distributions by classification, as well as the classification distribution

  • When visualizing output of a single classification, the classification distribution is replaced by the number of LEEs given that classification

  • When subcategories are identified in the Kind Score definition, additional plots of subcategory distribution are included


VIOLIN.visualize_violin.visualize(match_values, kind_values, file_name, filter_opt='100%')[source]

This creates graphs of the VIOLIN output: evidence score, match score, and total score, and classification breakdown

  • match_values (dict) – Dictionary assigning Match Score Values

  • kind_values (dict) – Dictionary assigning Kind Score values

  • file_name (string) – VIOLIN output to be visualized. Can be specific classification, or choosing ‘TotalOutput’ file will visualize all VIOLIN output

  • filter_opt (str) – How much VIOLIN output should be visualized. Can be filtered by top % of total score, evidence score (Se) threshold, or total score (St) threshold Accepted options are ‘X%’,’Se>Y’, or ‘St>Z’, where X, Y, and Z, are values Default is ‘100%’ (Total Output)


Python: pandas and matplotlib libraries

VIOLIN: none

Example output

Visualizing the total output

visualize(match_dict, kind_dict, 'RA2_sub_TotalOutput.csv', filter_opt='100%')

Visualizing subcategories:

kind_dict ={"strong corroboration" : 2,
            "weak corroboration1" : 1,
            "weak corroboration2" : 3,
            "weak corroboration3" : 5,
            "hanging extension" : 40,
            "full extension" : 41,
            "internal extension" : 42,
            "specification" : 30,
            "dir contradiction" : 10,
            "sign contradiction" : 11,
            "att contradiction" : 12,
            "flagged1" : 20,
            "flagged2" : 21,
            "flagged3" : 22}
visualize(match_dict, kind_dict, 'RA2_sub_TotalOutput.csv', filter_opt='100%')

Visualizing an individual category (extensions)

visualize(match_dict, kind_dict, 'RA2_sub_extensions.csv', filter_opt='100%')